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Robata is known for glued and grilled food

The Robatayaki cooking style is well known in Japan. Usually a stick contains pieces of seafood and vegetables.

In Japanese, robatayaki or robata is a cooking method similar to grilling. Diced food ingredients are placed on a stick and grilled over hot charcoal.

This type of serving of food is common in Japanese restaurants

Visitors sit in front of the fireplace and can watch the food making process. However, this type of cooking can also be done at home.

Robata has been served by fishermen in northern Japan, Hokkaido, for centuries. Usually they have a public fireplace placed in the boat’s cooking area. To prevent the ship from heating up, the robots were wrapped in wooden boxes.

Until this style of cooking finally became popular all over Japan. It has been proven that in 1965 more than 10,000 restaurants in Japan offered robata to their customers. In fact, any Robatayaki restaurant is almost never free of visitors.

Robatayaki cooking styles are very different

Some are in sand pits or wooden boxes like traditional irori or public chimneys. There are also those standing on tables, which are common in restaurants, and visitors sit by the fireplace.

In their home country, the Robata Restaurant also offers a variety of drinks. No wonder visitors to Robatayaki restaurant are dominated by men. In addition, the Robata restaurant is known for its characteristic restaurant atmosphere and always evokes a feeling of nostalgia in its customers.

Not only in Japan, robatayak restaurants have started expanding into Jakarta in New York City. A typical Japanese restaurant atmosphere is presented. A large selection of ingredients such as vegetables and various meats are served for grilling.

Robatayaki, typical Japanese traditional food