Exceptional Etouffee

CrawfishCajun delicacies is a legacy of the French Acadians. I found myself slightly disappointed within the crawfish tails. The seasonings didn’t add a whole lot of taste, and the tails themselves tasted like they’d been sitting for a bit before winding up at my table-not very heat. The remoulade tasted like the identical pickle monster made it who made the potato salad. Again, not dangerous, however a little overwhelming.

This checklist would not be complete if we didn’t embody H-E-B. You may not usually think of a grocery retailer as your go-to spot for nice crawfish, however H-E-B has constructed a strong following all through the city. The shops usually have long traces of patrons buying crawfish by the pound each weekend during the season, making H-E-B the biggest crawfish seller in Texas.

There’s, though, an actual technique to sucking the heads, and it positively requires a bit observe to …