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Healthy SnacksThe holidays are all about indulging in sweet treats — there’s gingerbread, sugar cookies, and, of course, tons and plenty of pie. Tuna and apples: combine a can of tuna with 1T organic mayonnaise. Slice apples into skinny rounds. Pile tuna on high of apples and serve like tuna and crackers. Slicing down on grains lessens the quantity of empty energy you eat. This recipe additionally exchanges a processed meals (cracker) for a complete one (apple). Apples can serve as crackers for cheese and peanut butter, as properly.

Under are ideas for academics, caregivers, program administrators, and oldsters for serving wholesome snacks and beverages to kids within the classroom, in after-school programs, at soccer video games, and elsewhere. Some ideas may be practical for big groups of kids, whereas other concepts could only work for small teams, relying on the work and cost involved.

Put together wholesome snacks prematurely. Did …