Nightlife in Melbourne: Australia’s most glamorous city offers limited options for nightlife. rooftop bars, chic nightclubs and interesting hidden bars. Here is the ultimate guide to Melbourne nightlife!

find the secret bar

Some of the best in Melbourne bars are not easy to find, Melbourne. Open the doors without plates at Trinket Bar, where they serve cocktails with liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant, or cocktails served under a smoke-filled glass dome. or pull the door open like a closet door to find a secret entrance to one of Melbourne’s most popular tiki bars. popular spot for casual drinks.

toast at the wine bar

Ready for a complete wine tasting. Visiting one of the tempting wine bars in all of Australia is a great way to sample the best drinks. As a bonus, most of these bars also serve great food.

Melbourne neighborhood and nightlife

The heart of Melbourne’s nightlife is spread across the CBD, the financial district, home to some of the most popular bars, with secret entrances, private rooms and specially themed bars. through the corridors and at the top of the building you will find all kinds of top quality bars, breweries, wine bars, cocktail bars and best melbourne nightclubs where the scaternarvi is on the dance floor.

Federation Square, opposite Flinders Street Station, is a good starting point for exploring the Melbourne CBD nightlife. Behind it is a gothic labyrinth of alleys that really form the heart of the city: a really interesting area and one that exudes a metropolitan culture, full of small local art shops and various cafes, bars and restaurants.

go to the roof

The quality of Australian rooftop bars is higher than any other bar. Melbourne is a great place for a sunset drink and has some of the most beautiful buildings in the city, a classy and sexy place with great cocktails and a great selection of wines.

Taste the good life at Lui Bar

Leave your fear of heights and take the elevator to the 55th floor of the Rialto building – Lui Bar is where innovative cocktails are served accompanied by stories and luxury. Discuss your creations at the bar or relax on a sun lounger, you’re guaranteed a magnificent view of the city. Trimmed appetizers from the fancy restaurant next door, Vue de Monde. Go – order some caviar.

Fitzroy’s rage in Naked in the Sky

Put down the vodka-infused Naked for Satan and take the elevator to the best spot north of the Yarra River: the Naked in the Sky rooftop bar. Suspended from colorful chandeliers, the open terrace offers views of the city on one side and a beeline to Brunswick Street on the other. Enjoy some tapas, stay for dinner or relax with one of the almost 15 beers on tap. Set up in the afternoon, avoiding the night queues.

Designer drinks at the Loop Roof Bar

The Loop Roof, part trendy bar and part tropical garden, can be accessed via the stairs from the Loop Bar. Blue memories rippling in the wind, almost as dazzling as Melbourne’s skyscrapers. Outside of the sights, people flock here for exotic botanical cocktails: think lavender and pink pepper pisco fizz, or perhaps a selection of juleps with interesting flavors like beet and walnut. Drinkable dishes like sliders and kibble will have you settled in for the night.

Earn a milestone and dine at Century in the City

Century is part of the Spring Street dining complex in Melbourne, which is also home to The European, The Melbourne Supper Club, City Wine Shop and Spring Street Grocer. Climb the stairs to the elegant terrace, complete with black-and-white checkerboard floors and views of the Houses of Parliament, slide a wicker chair over a white upholstered table and order a Negroni.

Get ready in style on the roof of The Emerson

Join the cool young in Melbourne rooftop bars, right next to the shops on Chapel Street. Named for Ralph Waldo himself, people here are less concerned with transcendental experiences and more interested in partying. The retractable roof makes it the perfect place to soak up the bubbles in the sun no matter what the weather, but there’s a tendency to start the night off with an espresso martini mixed with salted caramel. The full menu is available Thursday through Sunday.

Beers, Burgers, and City Views at Easey’s

Is this the only place in the world where you can wash down a burger with a beer while sitting in a train car tied to the top of a five-story building? The “beer patio” between carriages at Easey’s ( takes advantage of city views, but it’s easy to get distracted by the Melbourne Madness Burger: a double-layered beef burger with triple American cheddar, bacon, potato pie, dim sim, jalapeƱos, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard.

Best Bar And Nightlife In Melbourne