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Cookware is of different types and they are made from different materials: cast iron, glass, aluminum, etc. Due to their smooth and luxurious appearance, a lot of people prefer to use glass cookware in their homes. Glass dishes are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and durable which makes food safe for eating and cooking more enjoyable.

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Seeing how your food boils in the glass pan can be fun, especially when you are cooking with your kids. Another benefit of glass cookware is that you can store and reheat food in it without any risk, unlike as with plastic containers. Besides, it is for the dishwasher and improves the aesthetic value of your kitchen, if you keep them in good condition.

On the other hand, glass cookware is not entirely without its drawbacks. For instance, heat distribution is poor in glassware as glass is a poor conductor of heat. As such, your food is likely to experience uneven heat distribution, and the dishes you can cook are limited.

Besides, it is quite difficult to find replacements for your cooking needs but you can use non-stick cookware as substitutes. Also, since glass is a poor conductor of electricity, you cant use glass cookware on a stovetop, except if it is tempered glassware.

To ensure you choose the right cookware for your home, here are tips to follow:

Check for the heat conductivity

Not all cookware conduct heat at the same range. For instance, copper is a good conductor of heat compared to glass. What this means for your cooking is that the better the cookware conducts heat, the more evenly heat will be distributed in your food. This will help you avoid incidents such as a side of the food getting done and the other side half-done.

Price and durability

The amount of the cookware hugely determines the quality of the cookware, although this is the case every time. You can get high-quality deals for giveaway prices too. However, the rule is to buy what you can afford.

Also, check for the durability of the cookware. Some types not only last longer but also maintain their good looks such as stainless steel. It is advised that buy from reputable cookware sellers. This way, you can be sure of buying the right quality at a reasonable amount.


Some types of cookware react with certain foods. For instance, aluminum reacts with acidic dishes like a tomato. Reactivity means your food absorbs some of the metal, which is very dangerous for your health. Ensure that your cookware choices are free from reactivity.


The art of maintenance should strongly influence your cookware choices. If you cannot maintain what you desire, it is better not to get it. For example, some types of cookware need to be shined every night to keep them in a tip-top shape. If you don’t, they end up rusting and non-useful. Materials like stainless steel are less difficult to look after while copper demands more effort to keep it looking clean.

Benefits of using glass cookware