Myths vs. Facts: What Happens If You Stop Eating Meat?

The food we consume constantly has an impact on our lifestyle. Food rich in vegetables tends to give your body more flavor than food with fundamental protein-like meat and the likes.

On Collected.Reviews, some diet reviews could help you maintain what you should consume or not.

According to research, foods rich in vegetables reduce your risk of heart diseases, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and lower the rate of hypertension. Though choosing the best diet  plan could be hard to maintain as it requires consistency and prior planning but in the long run it will have a positive impact on your health.

A few reasons why you should cut back on the amount of meat you consume and increase the vegetables are:

1. Helps Your Skin

A diet that contains vegetables is certain to be rich in omega 3, fats, zinc, and vitamin E which improve skin conditions like eczema. According to research, if someone suffers from acne, a dermatologist recommends cutting back on saturated and hydrogenated fats that are found in meats and also eating a fist-sized serving of vegetables of deep or bright colors as they are antioxidants and dampen inflammation.

2. Reduces Cholesterol

Consuming excess meat increases cholesterol as it contains fat that is found in animal meat. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, white beans, better green, and soybeans contain potassium contains low calories which makes it easier to lose weight, a better way to lose weight healthily is while eating a lot of vegetables. It also helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

3. Nutritional Benefits

Vegetables comprise the highest quantities of vitamins and minerals, unlike meat. The nutrients found in vegetables are as follows; vitamin C helps with the repair of skin injuries and also keeps the teeth healthy. Iron present in the vegetables is essential in the development of red blood cells, magnesium is vital for the health of your bones and reduces the change of muscle cramps. Folic acid is essential for healthy eyes and skin, and eating vegetables makes you feel more energized as it regulates blood sugar.

4. Protects Against Cancer and Others

Vegetables are known to contain phytochemicals that help protect against some diseases. Consuming vegetables frequently can reduce your risk of having type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. Especially vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and collards are linked to reducing cancer risks.

5. Builds Bone Formation

Asides from dairy products, some vegetables contain more nutrients and also vitamin K, potassium, probiotics fiber, and magnesium that are required for building bones. To keep your bones healthy, it is advisable to consume food with dark leafy greens, broccoli, and green peas for calcium. Based on some studies, women that consume food with fewer vegetables are at risk of having osteoporosis.

There are many reasons to eat vegetables instead of meat including providing financial and environmental benefits, and remember Hippocrates said “Food is medicine” and vegetables are natural medicine that you should consume.

5 Reasons You Should Eat Veggies Instead of Meat